Salmon Hash with Dilled Creme Fraiche

Oct 25-26 Curried Parsnip Soup

Riopelle Stuffed Chicken Wrapped in Prosciutto

Good Old Chicken Noodle Soup

Oct 20-26 Gnocchi and Chicken with Brown Butter and Sage

Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Quinoa and Chorizo

French Onion Soup

Oct 18-19 Pork in Black Bean Sauce

Birthday Macaroni and Cheese

Monday Oct 16-17 Nachos

Oct 13-15 Chili with Chorizo

Chicken 'n Biscuits

Salmon Cakes

Oct 10-12 Turkey Scotch Broth

A working Wednesday

Eggs in Purgatory

Oct 6-9 Malloreddus with Tomato/Fennel/Sausage

Roasted Tomato & Caramelized Onion Salad

Faux Tamales

Dulce de Leche Ice Cream for Dinner... just following doctor's orders, honest!

Cosi Salad

Oct 3-6 Tonkatsu-ish Pork Chops

Roasted Apple and Sweet Onion Soup with Zucchini/Sweet Potato Loaf

Sept 29-Oct 2 Japanese Chicken Curry

Baked Chicken with Mushrooms