July 125-27 Greek Shrimp Tacos

July 25     Greek shrimp tacos, salad and rice
July 26     Il Fornello for $10 pizza Tuesday
July 27     Dinner out again, WVurst this time - Hey, I had to work yesterday and today!

We are back to a Shack free zone again after having him around for the last 10 days so I have to get down to business with Little Shack and get out of this cooking slump because as frustrating as I have been finding this challenge, he still needs to eat and he needs to eat more than bread and dips.

I made the garides me feta with the plan that the leftovers would make great tacos, furthering my theory that you can eat absolutely anything in a corn tortilla and it will work. I peeled the leftover shrimp and heated them up with the tomato/feta sauce and used tzatziki instead of crema with home made corn tortillas. I was thinking of doing a lemony, dill tomato salsa but there was still a lot of sauce left so more tomato felt redundant. If I were doing these again, and I will, with another protein, I will do the Greek flavoured tomato salsa but for now, just the leftover shrimp and tzatziki were all it needed. The Kid loved them and was sad that there were no more so he cobbled together one last taco out of the lone shrimp that was left on his plate and lots of tzatziki. A bit of rice and a big salad and we had ourselves a pretty lovely little meal. To be honest, I can't decide if I preferred this dish the first night, sopping up the garlicky sauce with yummy bread or the second night, bundled up in a corn tortilla, covered in tons of tzatziki. Either way,  I see a whole lot of taco cross pollination going on in the near future.

Greek Shrimp Tacos

leftover Garides me Feta
soft corn tortillas (store bought or make your own like I did )
tzatziki, store bought or home made

I shelled all the shrimp and left them whole and reheated them for a minute in the microwave with the sauce but I discarded the leftover snap peas. If you make the dish with snap peas and want to leave them in for tacos, that would be great too.

spoon the tzatziki onto a warm corn tortilla
top with some shrimp and tomato/feta sauce
wrap it up
eat it
rub your tummy and say mmmmghhgghmmmmmohmygodthatissogoodmmmphhhgggmmmm


  1. Great idea for a twist on traditional tacos! I can't wait to try my own homemade tortillas!


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