Still No Cooking - Urge Taquitos in Tulum

This should have been my Monday post but I had to turn around and go back out of town as soon as we got home to visit with my sister and her family, so better late than never, right?

I kind of feel terrible that after all of the hard work , I am ending my official year of no reEATS with nothing to share. We got back from our holiday in Mexico at about 3am Xmas morning and we had Xmas dinner with my father in law and his family and it was lovely but I didn't cook anything at all. Now, it's boxing day and we are on our way to visit my sister and so, clearly I have nothing to share again. I promise that even if I have nothing for Thursday that I will share one last dinner before NYE. As I wrote earlier, Dianne and I are going to continue on with the blog but only devote one day a week to making something brand new so the content will slow down to a steady twice weekly entry but we are exited to keep going and hope we will inspire others to break out of their comfort zones and explore new things.
I will share the best meal we had in Mexico - actually, it was the only great meal we had. We usually stay at a resort but after eating breakfast there, we go off in the jeep to have adventures all day and we eat endless delicious things while we are out and about but this time we all needed a serious restful week and we only ventured out a few times. That means that most of our food was eaten on the resort and so that also means that 95% of what we ate was unmemorable.

The day before we left we drove down to Tulum and ate at Urge Taquitos for fish tacos and ceviche. They basically make fish and chips battered fish or shrimp and they have a big selection of delicious salsas and condiments like shredded cabbage, a great chipotle tamarind sauce, super spicy avocado sauce etc. If you go to the area, you MUST seek this place out for a nice cold beer, some great tacos and one of the yummiest shrimp/fish ceviches ever.

For my final no reEATS of the year, I will be making pozole because for the first time ever, this trip held no food love apart from this meal and I am left with unmet cravings that I am going to have to fill myself over the next few weeks.

I swear to god that there is some deep fried fish under all of those condiments

I can never decide and end up using all of them

this ceviche is ripe with lime juice and salt and so much black pepper that it will make you a bit sneezy but only in the best way possible

until you have eaten resort guacamole, you don't realize that there is such a thing as bad guacamole. THIS is not that.

crazy habernero sauce

the carnage

My favourite taco joint in Tulum, by far


  1. Wow everything looks absolutely delicious! :) I'd totally love to try this!


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