Turkey, Avocado and Cheddar Panini with Coleslaw

This past weekend I spent most of my time in the kitchen, cooking and baking, but really none of it amounted to a full meal. We were off to our friends' place on Saturday night for a tailgate party and I had offered to bring salad and desserts. Since others were bringing pulled beef, nachos and chili, I figured coleslaw was just the ticket but didn't want a mayo-laden one. Instead I found a yogurt/sour cream-based version, courtesy of Giada, and it was a crunchy, lighter alternative, with the interesting additions of pine nuts and dried cranberries. I also made some variations of the cute desserts-in-tiny-mason-jars that I've seen recently: a dulce de leche stacked cheesecake one and also s'mores in a jar, with Ina Garten's Grand Marnier chocolate mousse as the middle layer (too rich overall).

On Sunday, our attention then turned to all things Halloween for Maddie's belated 11th birthday party. Peggi-Jean's famous witch finger cookies were a huge hit, as were mummy hot dogs, cobweb cupcakes and fruit skewers stuck porcupine-style in a pumpkin.

Which brings us to Halloween night, which is never a great dinner evening since we've got kids with more important chocolate-gathering priorities than sitting down and eating a good meal. In fact, Maddie and Austin both vamooshed and found dinner elsewhere before trick-or-treating time so I quickly pulled together this sandwich for Q with some leftover coleslaw that he could gulp down before heading out to accompany a gaggle of girls around the neighbourhood for the next two hours. Not much of a recipe here, but just keeping it real.

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