A Sick Day... It Happens

Lesson learned: don't leave things til the last minute. This is what I tell my kids and this is what I try to live by but I learned it the hard way on Friday when the best of intentions to make and post a meal in the afternoon slowly but steadily got nixed by a series of events. Austin had unexpected gum surgery in the morning so we were trying to figure out what he might like/be able to eat by dinnertime. Then I spent the afternoon fighting a headache so the two of us just cocooned on the couch and watched a movie. (Can you hear the hours quickly ticking by?) Then I headed down the street to donate blood... and passed out afterwards. Embarrassing. Mortifying to wake up on a gurney. But all the sweet people who help out at these blood drives try to assure you that it's totally normal and to be expected and then push free juice and cookies on you so I just laid back and basked in all the TLC. Sorta.

Anyway, at that point, with my head still spinning, I knew that the rest of my evening would be spent on the couch. I didn't want to fall head-first into some pot boiling on the stove (okay, I'm being overly dramatic) so I figured horizontal was probably my best position. My independent kiddies cobbled together something for themselves and Q did the same. They step up to the plate in a pinch and I love them all for that.

So that's my long, pathetic story of my lost post for today. Apologies. Lesson learned.


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