Nov 28 Chili Baked Potatoes

Nov 27     We all ate movie popcorn for supper because we are clearly terrible parents
Nov 28     Baked potatoes with chili and a big salad

Sunday Shack was supposed to work so The Kid and I were going to have an easy supper of baked potatoes stuffed with chili, some more of my cojita cheese leftover from our black bean soup and whatever else I have in the fridge but that meal got pushed to Monday. Instead, we took him to play Warhammer with all of the other geeks and then saw Hugo and dined on popcorn and sprite. I think they both ate some leftovers before bedtime but I am not sure because I was already in my own bed celebrating my mother of the year award.

Baked Potatoes with Chili

2 baking potatoes
some butter
1 cup of chili
handful of crumbled cojita cheese (or feta would be good too)
handful of grated sharp cheddar
pinch of fresh, chopped cilantro
drizzle of greek yogurt

preheat the oven to 350F
wash and dry your potatoes, prick them a few times with a fork and wrap them in foil. Bake them for about an hour - I like my baked potatoes really soft so I don't worry about over cooking them.
Unwrap them from the foil and cut them in half or a cross down the middle and spread it open a bit.
Heat up the chili and pour about 1/2 cup of hot chili on top of each potato. Grate on some sharp cheddar, sprinkle on some crumbled cojita cheese. I put the greek yogurt into a little snack baggie and snip off a tiny hole in one corner and squeeze the yogurt out so it looks prettier. Scatter the whole thing with some fresh cilantro and dig in.


  1. Oh wow, that looks like one awesome, indulgent dish :) The cojita cheese sounds like the perfect accent! :)

  2. I would totally eat movie popcorn for dinner. Better yet I would eat stale movie popcorn for breakfast. I love stale movie popcorn how weird is that. I would then totally eat this chili baked potato because it looks and sounds awesome. I'm going to make this for my kids one night it sounds great and easy. Love it!


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