August 14-15 Yellow Plum Sauce

August 14     2 slices of cold pizza to stop me from passing out
August 15     Yellow Plum Sauce with Savoury Sesame Chicken

I had every intention of cooking dinner on Sunday night but I took a jam making workshop with Sarah Hood and it ended about 6:30pm because the jam refused to stay at 220F and it went longer than expected. I went to pick up Little Shack at his friend's house and realized that I hadn't eaten anything other than a banana that morning and was about to collapse. The family rescued me with a couple of delectable slices of cold pizza so suddenly, dinner was not happening so that meant the pressure was on to make something of worth on Monday, for sure.

The minute I tasted the plum cinnamon jam we made at the workshop, all I could think of was plum sauce. I was contemplating Captain Highliner or McNuggets or chicken balls on the drive home, to be perfectly honest. Thankfully, the pizza filled me up and then I saw that I had some savoury sesame chicken from SupperWorks in the freezer that would be perfect with the plum sauce that I made using the Yellow Plum with Cinnamon Jam . Pre-pizza I was inches away from buying some breaded chicken strips at the grocery store to go with this plum sauce but thankfully, I checked the freezer first.
Close call.

Yellow Cinnamon Plum Sauce

3 tbls yellow plum with cinnamon jam
2 tsp rice vinegar
1/4 red thai chili, seeded and chopped fine (or to taste)
1 tbls chopped thai basil

Breaded chicken of your choosing. Cook this chicken in the manner that the chicken demands to be cooked.

Mix the jam with the vinegar, the chili and  a pinch of kosher salt and taste. Adjust chili if you want it spicier. Stir in the basil right before the chicken is ready.

Serve the plum sauce either on the side or spoon it right over your breaded chicken, fish, fish sticks or whatever food you would normally eat with plum sauce. You will not regret it.