Fancy Egg Sammie

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July 18 - Fancy Egg Sammie
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Well I'm back to work this week until the end of the year, which is going to make keeping up with my noreEATS is going to be really tough! Not that I'll be cooking alot of the same stuff, just that I'll barely be cooking at all.  So I'm going to apologize in advance if the recipes I share moving forward aren't of the caliber of what I have been sharing up until now but I'll be keeping it real about what we eat in our house when I'm working 10-12 hour days AND when I'm dealing with a shooting schedule.  When we shoot nights you may be privy to a slew of breakfast recipes.  I hope you're ready, because I am not!

Monday was my first day back and work and just in case I had delusions that the beginning of the show would be easy, the wonderful film biz reminded me how crazy it is and I had a full on 12 hour day.  So when I got home, ease was the only thing on my mind. Seriously I didn't even care how dinner tasted.  Lucky for me the boy had an even longer day on set so I only had to feed myself, something that is always easier.  I luckily had the foresight to pick up some of those PC sandwich thins.

I looked in my fridge and came up with this fancy little sammie that I would happily eat for breakfast lunch or dinner.  Now many people get grossed out by the whole jam business on a savory sammie.  But if you like savory and sweet together I promise you you will love this.  It goes so well especially with the salty meat and cheese and the rich egg.  I LOVED it!

Fancy Egg Sammie
serves 1

1 PC Sandwich thin, I think the brand back home is Arnold
1 large egg
2 Tbsps butter
1-2 Tbsps high quality strawberry jam - I used my homemade strawberry mint but I bet the strawberry balsamic basil would be good too
2-3 slices of capicola or other cured meat
2 Tbsps grated Cottage Gold cheese or another hard nutty cheese, like parmesan or precorino

1.  Heat a small saute pan over medium heat.  Melt one Tbsp of butter in the pan and lightly grill/toast the sandwich thin in the butter, I just toasted the inside, but you could do both sides if you want.  Reserve the sandwich thin to a plate. (NOTE: You could absolutely toast the sandwich thin, but our toaster doesn't live on the counter and it was too hot to deal with any hot appliances, and I kinda loved the way the pan-toasted thin tasted)
2.  Add the remaining butter to the hot pan and let it brown a bit before adding the egg.  Cook for about a minute over medium heat then lower to medium low and flip the egg.  Cook to desired doneness, I'm an over medium kind of person.
3.  Place the capicola on the bottom half of the thin, top with the egg.  Top the hot egg with the grated cheese.  Schmear the jam on the top thin and place it on top of the sandwich.  Cut in half and enjoy!


  1. Now THIS is a sandwich! You got your sweet your salty what is NOT to love!?!?


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