Cedar-Plank Salmon with Green Bean Potato Pesto Salad

July 3 - Dinner out at Queen Margherita
July 4 - Cedar Plank Salmon with Green Bean Potato & Pesto
July 5 - late -night decision to order delivery

You'd think after 4 night of not having to think about planning or cooking a meal I'd be excited to get back into it.  Unfortunately that's not the case.  It's likely because we've had some crazy hot and humid days.  So hot in fact I've resorted to baking on the grill!  Monday was too hot for me to even think about trekking to the store.  Luckily the Boy was willing to stop on his way home.  Summer always brings cravings for copious amounts of shellfish.  Probably because I grew up in New England where lobsters are easily bought for $3/pound.  That is so not the case here in TO, so I have yet to satisfy the craving.

While the boy was at the store I asked him to see if they had any fish that looked good and saving that some frozen jumbo shrimp would suffice.  He called from the store and said he picked up salmon, I grabbed a couple cedar planks that I had been hoarding in the basement and got them to soaking because I knew that a cedar plank salmon would be just the thing.

I was craving pesto and have a slight obsession with pesto & potatoes, as can be see in my potato pancakes with pesto and smashed potatoes with pesto recipes that I've already made this year.  We had some farm fresh new potatoes and the Boy picked up green beans, so I made a quick basil pesto and tossed it with some beans and potatoes for a super simple and flavorful side.

While dinner was tasty, none if satisfied my shellfish craving.  So stay tuned for some tasty and messy shellfish in the coming weeks.

Cedar Plank Salmon
serves 3-4

2 salmon fillets about 3/4 lb each
3 Tbsps grainy mustard
leaves from 10 thyme sprigs
1 half lemon sliced
seas salt & black pepper

1.  Soak the cedar planks in the sink, weighted so they remain submerged, for at least two hours.
2.  Once the soaking time has elapsed remove the planks from the water. Heat the grill over medium heat. In a small bowl mix the mustard & thyme leaves.  Sprinkle the fillets with salt & pepper and place on the planks.  Spread with the mustard mixture and top with lemon slices.
3.  Carefully place the planks on the grill.  Close the lid and let cook for 20-30 minutes until cooked to desired temperature.
4.  Remove fillets from planks to a platter and serve.

Green Bean Potato & Pesto Salad
serves 4

1 lb new potatoes
1 large handful string beans
3/4 cup fresh pesto
salt & black pepper

1.  Wash and trim the beans, then cut in half so they are bite sized.
2. Wash and half or quarter the potatoes place in a pot and cover with cold water and a healthy amount of salt.  Place on the stove and bring to a boil.  Once boiling cook for 10, then add the cut beans.  cook for 5 more minutes or until the potatoes are tender.
3.  Drain the potatoes & bean and let cool until you can touch them. Toss with the pesto, adjust seasoning with sale & pepper and serve.