The Simple Grilled Cheese for Grilled Cheese Month

Monday night was one of those crazy nights where everyone was running in one direction or the other and needed to eat at different times so I decided this would be the evening where we'd make our tribute to Grilled Cheese Month. My kids are traditionalists when it comes to this sandwich so I knew I couldn't deviate much from the tried-and-true without risking an all-out boycott. Yes, I read all the delicious inspirations and variations of adding caramelized onions, bacon, garlic, roasted red peppers, eggplant and even potato, but somehow I didn't think those would be a big hit with the kids on a busy school night. Ultimately, I chose a relatively simple change from the original--a cinnamon-raisin bread coupled with a nutty Gruyere and some toasted sliced almonds for added crunch. Verdict? Unfortunately, not a big hit. Sometimes simple is best and everyone preferred our usual grated cheddar on rye, lightly grilled please, mom. And that's fine too. There's room for experimenting and then there are times for staying with the status quo.

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