Welcome to our adventure!

With a new blog it seemed appropriate to take a minute to tell you, our readers, what we're all about.  And since there are three of writing and sharing our stories, we wanted to share a little bit about us.

I thought I'd think ahead and answer some questions I'm assuming you already have now that you've happened upon our little blog.

What does "no reEATS" mean?

The truth is, it means something a bit different to each of us ladies.  But in it's most simplest terms, it means not repeating any recipe for dinner for 365 days.

How did you come up with this idea?

WE didn't come up with this idea.  Dianne did. She told Carole about it.  Carole told me.  I loved it and together Carole and I convinced Dianne to start this blog with us.

Who are you ladies?

Dianne is a mom to 3 kids (17, 14, 10),  a wife and an editor.  She runs a busy household and helps to manage her family's busy life.  All while feeding them everyday.   She started this challenge last year because she felt like they were in a rut.  It started as a new recipe a week, and then she decided to challenge herself further with a new recipe a day AND never repeating a baking recipe. She's that amazing mom that makes homemade cookies every week and lots of homemade bread. (I hope to be like her when I grow up!)  She is friends with Carole and the reason this whole project got started. Make sure to check out Dianne's first post on Tuesday for more info on her.

Carole is a mom to one great boy (11), has a fun and crazy partner (AKA Shack) and part-time make-up artist.  She and Shack work freelance so while there are days when she does tons of cooking (including homemade pasta and home ground meatballs) there are stretches where there's not even time to get to the store.  She also writes The Yum Yum Factor, a fun and fabulous food blog that she started just a few month ago.  (I LOVE here Friday Soup posts!). Stay-tuned tomorrow for more info on Carole in her first post.

And me, Jen.  I'm a newlywed (not even 6 months yet), mom to 2 crazy dogs and I work in film. Much like Carole my work is freelance and completely all-consuming when I'm doing it.  I LOVE food and LOVE being in the kitchen.  I started my blog, Piccante Dolce, almost three years ago and while I wasn't very active on the blog for the first two-thirds of 2010, I'm back with a vengeance now. Cooking, writing, improving (trying) my photography skills!  I'm so excited to mix things up a bit with cooking. Being a blogger I try not to repeat things too much anyway, but there are definite meals that the Boy and I gravitate towards and crave and I'd love to break out of that and mix it up. More from me on Wed!

Hopefully I answered some of your questions and got you excited about coming back daily to hear about what we are cooking and maybe try out some of our recipes!


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